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Provider-Connection-email-header Mar April 2019

CHOC team using new device to close heart defect in tiny patients
Tiny premature babies who suffer from a common but potentially fatal opening in their hearts are now being treated with a new device by physicians at CHOC Children’s.

Never seen measles?
Despite the prevalence of measles in the news, many practicing physicians today have not actually encountered a case. Now that the disease has resurfaced, a pediatric infectious disease specialist presents five things clinicians should know.

Exciting updates from the nursing team
Learn more about the integral role nurses play in the planning and administration CHOC's treatment for Batten disease. CHOC recently celebrated its second anniversary of offering the treatment, giving the nursing team a lot to celebrate. Speaking of which, CHOC’s Chief Nursing Officer details other significant nursing highlights in this Q&A.

Facing a physician deficiency
The Association of American Medical Colleges released an outlook on the future supply and demand of physicians. Among its predictions: a major physician shortage by year 2032.

Meet CHOC’s new pediatric residents
CHOC welcomes its newest UC Irvine/CHOC Pediatric Residents. Click here to meet them.

Mark your calendars
CHOC offers a host of continuing medical education events to help clinicians stay on the cutting edge of practice. Here are a few upcoming sessions:

See a full list of clinical events at CHOC.


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