Provider Connection | July/August 2021
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CHOC study of COVID-19 among ED personnel suggest most transmission was community-based
A team from CHOC recently published research on COVID-19 infections among its emergency department staff during April and May 2020, concluding that most infections were transmitted through community exposure and not through co-workers. The study, involving 143 personnel from the Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department, involved taking blood samples from asymptomatic doctors, nurses, administrative staff and more. Read more about the study and its results here.

Once a NICU baby with low survival odds, CHOC patient accepted to medical school
Twenty-four years ago, Dr. Michael Muhonen treated a baby born with a grade-four brain bleed and hydrocephalus. Baby Eric was given an 80-percent chance of having serious neurological dysfunction. He’s now 24 years old and headed off Temple/St. Luke’s School of Medicine. “The odds were extremely stacked against him,” Dr. Muhonen says. “He’s unique. It speaks to the kind of person he is; I’m humbled that I could be a minor part of his journey.” Read more of Eric’s story.

The effects COVID-19 may continue to impact children throughout their lifetimes, experts say
After more than a year of isolation and virtual learning, experts say that many of America’s children may have long-term physical and mental health implications after falling behind socially, academically and emotionally. Additionally, an estimated 3 million marginalized students received no educational instruction over the past year. Read more about how the lingering effects of the pandemic may impact children throughout their lifetime.

Studies show routine childhood vaccinations were missed or delayed during first part of pandemic
Researchers found that in 2020, DTP3 and MCV1 vaccinations fell by over 7%, with the biggest drop occurring in April 2020. The authors of the study noted that routine immunizations faced unprecedented challenges during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and that, while vaccination rates have begun to rise, millions of children are still under-vaccinated for preventable diseases. Read the full study.

Nurses and doctors from several hospitals – including CHOC – come together to help migrant children at the Long Beach Convention Center
In April, the Long Beach Convention Center began temporarily housing migrant children as officials attempt to unite them with relatives or sponsors. CHOC, in partnership with UCLA and UCI, assisted with medical care for these children, with more than 110 CHOC staff stepping in to help. Kaiser Health News discusses this joint effort and the impact that our local healthcare workers made.

Mark your calendars
CHOC offers a host of continuing medical education events to help clinicians stay on the cutting edge of practice.

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