CHOC Children's Mental Health Update September 2019
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How to deal with bullies

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How to deal with bullies: tips from teens
Bullying is a serious and prevalent problem in U.S. schools that can lead to physical and mental health problems in children. CHOC’s teen advisors and psychologists offer advice on how to deal with bullies.

Easy remedies for back-to-school anxiety
The transition from care-free summer days to time in classrooms can be stressful for students. Parents may wonder if their kids are faking certain behaviors, but back-to-school anxiety is a real phenomenon. Dr. Christopher Min explains how parents can best support their children.

Teaching kids to be independent
Learning independence is an important life lesson, but how early should parents begin teaching it to their kids? In this article, a CHOC pediatrician provides ideas for helping children, including toddlers, become independent.

Study: colleges prioritizing mental health
As reports of anxiety and depression increase among college students, university officials say that mental health is becoming more of a priority on their campuses. In a recent study, 29% of college presidents shared they receive reports of students with mental health issues once a week. And, 72% indicated they spent more money on mental health initiatives than they did three years ago.

Pediatricians highlight impact of racism on kids’ health
Individuals who experience racial discrimination are more likely to have health problems, including poorer mental health. Recently, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement detailing how racism affects the well-being of young people. The statement includes a summary of evidence and provides directions on how pediatricians can address the issue with their patients.

Mental health resources in your community
CHOC Children’s strives to be a powerful advocate for improving pediatric mental health services, and we’re not long. Check out this list for helpful community resources for your family.

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