CHOC Children's Mental Health Update November 2019
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Orange County sees spike in pediatric mental health hospitalizations
The rate at which children were hospitalized in Orange County for mental health issues increased 87 percent in less than 10 years, according to the recently released Conditions of Children in Orange County report. The annual publication revealed more alarming trends, including an increased rate for teens and pre-teens being admitted to hospitals because of intentional self-harm injuries.

Music therapy promotes healing in CHOC’s mental health inpatient center
CHOC incorporated musical interventions in its therapeutic programming more than a decade ago; most recently, in the mental health inpatient center. With goals focused on combating the reasons for patients’ admissions, from suicidal ideation to anxiety, music therapy has had a positive impact on kids and teens with mental health problems. Be inspired by this Q & A with CHOC music therapist Kevin Budd.

People launches initiative to spark mental health dialogue
Highlighting stories of individuals, including celebrities, who are dealing with mental illness is part of a year-long initiative recently launched by People magazine. “Let’s Talk About It” will also highlight resources for help, and how best to support people struggling with their mental health.

Research highlights impact of sibling bullying on suicidal ideation
Children bullied at school and at home are more likely to suffer from depression, self-harm, and thoughts of suicide in their early 20s, researchers revealed in a recent study. Children who were victims of sibling bullying and peer bullying experienced twice the risk of developing clinical depression and considering suicide. Researchers stressed the importance of educating parents and other adults on appropriate interventions.

Three ways childhood trauma impacts adulthood – and how to deal with it
Unfortunately, not all adults have happy childhoods. For some, darker memories overshadow happy ones. Understanding the effects of complex trauma and knowing you are not alone are steps toward healing.

How parents can support mental health prep for college-bound kids
Fall signals the time of year when high school juniors or seniors are preparing for college, from campus visits to taking SATs. A psychiatry professor and a family therapist offer advice to parents in an era of increased anxiety and depression rates among adolescents. For parents of high school students suffering from mental health issues, advance prep work, including obtaining waivers for access to health information, is particularly important and shouldn’t be delayed until acceptance letters arrive in the mail.

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