Mental Health Update January 2019
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for being a champion for kids with mental illness in your community. Learn how you can help start the conversation about pediatric mental illness.

How your family can make – and keep – new year’s resolutions
Making resolutions with your children provides an opportunity for growth and change, as well as family bonding.  Here are eight tips for making the process a positive experience and helping your kids track on goals throughout the year.

Increase in gun-related suicides alarms pediatricians
Suicide by firearm among children and teens is on the rise, according to this U.S. News & World Report article.  Read what pediatricians, including a CHOC physician, want parents to know about these preventable deaths.

9 social media features that are cause for concern
From public default settings to location tracking, here are 9 social media features you and your kids need to understand.  Knowing what to look for and how to address these potential red flags will help your family be responsible online.

7 signs your friend may have a mental health condition
One in five young people have a mental health disorder.  Kids may be the first to notice a friend is struggling.  This guide shares common signs and four ways children and teens can address concerns with their peers.

How to help your teen quit vaping
Experts across the county are grappling with how best to address the surge in vaping among adolescents, according to The New York Times.  While options are limited, there are measures parents can take to assist their teens in breaking the habit.

Easy tips for getting active this year
Research shows that physical activity positively impacts mental health.  But what’s the best way to encourage your children to get off the couch and get active?  Our experts share easy tips just for kids!

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