CHOC Children's Mental Health Update December 2019
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for being a champion for kids with mental illness in your community. Learn how you can help start the conversation about pediatric mental illness.

CHOC expands mental health services with transformational gift
A generous gift from the Cherese Mari Laulhere Foundation will enable CHOC to enhance and expand its pediatric mental health system of care. The donation will endow the mental health inpatient center and advance trauma informed care, as well as add services that help fill a gap in the county.

Childhood trauma increases risk of borderline personality disorder
New research explored - more deeply - the link between borderline personality disorder (BPD) and early trauma. Investigators analyzed several studies and concluded that individuals with BPD were almost 14 times more likely to report childhood trauma. People with BPD were 3.15 times more likely to report traumatic experiences early in life, compared to individuals with other psychiatric conditions.

Early intervention is critical for adolescents with psychosis
Each year, about 8,000 young people in California experience their first psychotic episodes. Early treatment is crucial for preserving relationships with family and friends, as well as success at work or school. The state budget provides funds to create early intervention programs and expand existing ones. The big question is: “how will California implement a state-wide strategy?

The story of two friends’ journey to advance pediatric mental health
Have you heard how CHOC launched its mental health system of care? In this StoryCorp interview, CHOC President and CEO Kimberly Chavalas Cripe and Chief Psychologist Heather Huszti speak candidly about the crisis, their passion and advocacy to fill a gap in care, and their hope for the future.

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