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Vote Yes 4 Children’s Hospitals

This Election Day, November 6, vote yes on Prop 4: The Children’s Hospital Bond, a critical measure that provides $1.5 billion over 15 years to support critical, life-saving care for California kids.

I’ll vote yes on Prop 4
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14 Myths and Misconceptions About the Flu Vaccine

You’ve heard rumors about the flu shot. How do you know what information to trust? This article from US News & World Report includes critical information you can trust from Dr. Jasjit Singh, a pediatric infectious disease specialist and direction of infection prevention at CHOC Children’s.

Protect your family from the flu this season
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6 Ways to Eliminate Trans Fats in Your Family’s Diet

Trans fats, found in processed foods, are an inexpensive way to extend the shelf life of foods. While trans fats have been helpful for food manufacturers, they’re considered harmful for humans—which is why it’s so important to eliminate trans fats in your family’s diet.

Follow these 6 easy steps
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Is It OK to Skip Your Child’s Checkup if They’re Healthy?

A CHOC Children's pediatrician explains why you shouldn't skip your child's checkup, even if they're feeling healthy.

Discover the 5 reasons why
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