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Should My Kids Get the Flu Shot This Year?

Doubts about the effectiveness of this year's influenza vaccine are misguided, a pediatric infectious disease specialist says. And although it’s best to get vaccinated early in the season, it’s better to be vaccinated later in the winter than not at all.

Get answers to your flu questions

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Signs Your Child Might Have Pneumonia

Your child has been coughing, sneezing and running a temperature. A CHOC Children's pediatrician outlines five signs your child might have pneumonia.

Learn the 5 signs of pneumonia
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What to Do When Your Child Has a Fever

Your child has a fever. Is a doctor’s appointment necessary? Answering these five questions can help caregivers decide if it’s time for a visit to the pediatrician.

5 questions to ask when your child has a fever
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Effects of Secondhand Smoking on Children

Growing children, whose lungs and hearts are still developing, are at risk for greater effects of secondhand smoke (SHS). Children exposed to SHS are essentially breathing in the same harmful chemicals as smoker themselves.

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